The name Lazise (in Venetian dialect "Lasise") derives from the Latin lacus meaning "lake village", as evidenced by documents of the Middle Ages that bring the country under the name of Laceses. A second hypothesis, subsequently has rejected, claimed the country's name from Anthony Bevilacqua of Loncis, Loncis from his castle in Bavaria, in 1014 became governor of the lake, and the founder of the famous family who then changed name Bevilacqua-Lazise. The town now has about 6,958 inhabitants and is located in the North-East of Italy ', in the province of Verona, located on the eastern shore of Lake Garda. This location gives it a places it in an important context and landscapes, including Monte Baldo, the Morainic Hills and Benaco Lake. Lazise is also characterized by an urban layout and architecture of great interest: the old town atmosphere still almost medieval, ancient walls still largely preserved, Scaliger Castle, the oldest building Dogana Veneta and many other historical buildings of which you will learn about the history and peculiarities consulting these pages. In addition to these identity traits Lazise can count on the presence of a thermal spring in Cola', to amusement parks (Gardaland is located partly in the territory of Castelnuovo del Garda and partly in the territory of Lazise , an acquatic park "Canevaworld", "Movieland" and "Medieval Times"), surrounded by an extensive agricultural landscape .The town includes the villages of Cola, a small village inland place Moraine Hills and surrounded by green vineyards, and Pacengo, located on the shore of the lake to the south of Lazise, our purpose is to enhance these two towns, people often overshadowed in many respects to the capital. Verona, a city of art at 24 km, is also known for the operas during the summer season are represented in the magnificent Roman Arena. We find other nearby cities: Mantova 45 km, 60 km away Brescia, Bergamo 100 km, Milan 150 km, 100 km from Trento, Vicenza 90 km, Italy 120 km, Venice 150 km. The National Park of Monte Baldo (20 km) and the area of Lessinia north of Verona (40 km) offer wonderful hiking and mountain biking. Lovers of walking and cycling family are in their element on the walk of 20 km along the shore between San Benedetto and San Vigilio and in the area south of the river Mincio at Peschiera. Of course there is the possibility of water sports such as skiing and paraskyi, surfing and sailing, while lovers of paragliding center are just 15 km. Over the centuries many famous people visited him at Lake Garda, Catullus, Goethe and Gustav Klimt, but the phenomenon of mass tourism in Lazise began in the postwar period, when the inhabitants of the Alps, especially Germans, began to descend towards the south, in looking for a holiday destination all in all close and cheap. Geographical proximity and 'high value of the German mark on the old coinage Italian, Lira, one step among the main factors that contributed to the social and economic development. The inhabitants of Lazise, whose mainactivities until then were fishing and the farming'', began to invest in tourism, building structures, such as hotels, camping and related services.


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